About Us


ELSA was formed in February 2005. We are an independent, intercollegiate, not-for-profit, non-political Association of London Law Students. ELSA London is an inclusive association – we welcome under- and postgraduates, UK and international, full-time and part-time students. ELSA does not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. In particular, we encourage membership from those who have an international outlook or those who are interested in improving the world around them by becoming active citizens. ELSA (pronounced like the girl’s name) believes strongly in the protection of human rights and we encourage law students to become pro-active in this field by undertaking pro bono or voluntary work placements with human rights NGOs. We also support and promote the work of different human rights organisations and student societies as we believe that collaboration and co-operation is the way forward when human resources are spread so thinly.

ELSA (London group) was the first intercollegiate association of law students. We welcomed members from any of the 20+ law schools in London. Our aim in 2005 was to try to break down the barriers which exist between law students studying at different institutions and between postgraduates and undergraduates or between UK and international students. We believe in networking, in collaborating, in sharing information and opportunities. We hope that the networks we build whilst studying in London will be strong enough to survive into employment – wherever in the world that might be! N.B. Since our foundation in 2005, our scope has widened. We are no longer just a London group.

As well as gaining a further insight into legal issues within a wider, international context, ELSA organises visits to courts, parliament, and the EU institutions. Our purpose is to add value to that which is studied at our law schools by enabling our members to participate in – and to organise! – extra curricular activities.

As an intercollegiate association, ELSA  is very aware that many of our universities regularly host events (seminars / lectures / panel discussions etc) which are open to the public. ELSA London believes law students should take responsibility for their own education. Therefore, we will publicise these events to our members and also upload them to the website in the hope that you will use your oysters to experience all that our excellent universities and law schools have to offer you.

Our association aims to do the following:

  • promote the activities and achievements of  law students
  • promote the activities and achievements of  law schools
  • encourage the development of soft skills which can be transferable to any profession
  • establish an independent, friendly, non-political network of  law students
  • organise social events and activities for our members
  • create new projects which allow law students to develop entrepreneurial skills
  • organise seminars, panel discussions, legal research groups and other academic activities
  • focus on human rights issues
  • participate in international study visits / exchanges
  • provide opportunities to participate in pro bono work experience both in the UK and abroad
  • form friendly and collaborative relationships with student law societies based in London law schools
  • form friendly and collaborative relationships with student law societies based in the UK and Ireland
  • form friendly and collaborative relationships with student law societies based in the British Commonwealth
  • forge links and partnerships with international student groups such as ALSA, ILSA, NZLSA, LYMEC and local groups of the European Law Students’ Association.

Want to join ELSA?

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