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An exhibition of a soldier in a trench suffering from shell shock. For thousands of soldiers in the Great War, the fear, paranoia hysterical crying, terrible nightmares, mutism, fatigue, facial tics, and tremors were symptomatic of shell shock.

Psychology and War: First World to the present

As part of a series of events held by Parliament and the British Psychological Society to commemorate the First World War, psychologists will be outlining their insights into psychology and war. The lifelong effects of war have been well documented, but the First World War saw a turning point in the development of psychology and […]

Parliament at dusk

Law-making in action

On Thursday 28 January, 2-4pm the Parliament Outreach team will be holding an “Understanding Parliament” event aimed at providing insights into how laws are passed and the ways you can get involved. Parliamentary experts will explain how new laws are proposed, scrutinised and passed. There will also be an introduction to the newly introduced English Votes […]

parliament evening on thames

Do you have something to say to the government?

Select committees need YOU – how to find out what’s happening and how to share your views You don’t have to be based in Westminster to get involved. Your participation in select committee inquiries is crucial in providing MPs and Peers with valuable evidence and real-life stories to inform their work. If you have relevant […]


Applicable Law and Patent Licensing Disputes: Determining fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory treatment

This event is hosted by the King’s College Forum on International Dispute Resolution and is part of a series of “Academic Conversations” organised by the Transnational Law Institute. Dr Barbara Lauriat and Dr Holger Hestermeyer in discussion with William (Rusty) Park, Professor of Law at Boston University. Professor Park’s practice and teaching focus on international financial and commercial transactions. After […]


Do Institutional Clients threaten Lawyer Independence?

About the talk: Dr Steven Vaughan will draw on research he has conducted over the last year to ask whether institutional clients threaten lawyers’ independence. The relationship between large commercial law firms and their clients and the impact of these relationships on professional independence, ethics, standards and risk is of central importance to the effective regulation of the […]


From Migration Crisis to Refugee Crisis in Europe: securitization priorities vs integration policies?

This seminar is organised by LSE’s Hellenic Observatory The presentation’s objective is to uncover the perplexity of migration/refugee issues that seem to trouble Europe, while at the same time to touch upon the antinomies of EU migration and refugee policies. My analysis is from a southern European perspective and aims at stressing the social and economic […]

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Global Governance in an Era of Uncertainty

This conference will contribute to the understanding of the rise of the global south by focusing on key international actors from Asia, Africa and Latin America and their perspectives on global governance in an era of uncertainty. Opening Keynote address: Chris Alden, Director of the Global South Unit Craig Calhoun, Director of the LSE Enrique […]


Expectations of Openness in an Age of Secrecy: where the ‘Right to Know’ comes from

This event is organised by LSE Dept. of Media and Communications In an age of WikiLeaks, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden, it may seem odd to argue that we have expectations of openness in democracies greater than ever before, but we do. Not only expectations but institutional mechanisms in government, legislated guarantees, guardians of openness in […]

The justice and security bill's critics believe that secret justice cannot constitute a fair trial.

Part Time Position Available with JUSTICE

Deadline fast approaching for exciting job opportunity at JUSTICE. JUSTICE is looking for a bright, committed individual to help build our JUSTICE Student Network (JSN). The position offers the opportunity to develop skills and experience of working on a number of different areas of communications and membership development, as well as the chance to be […]

TLSI 2016

Transnational Lawyering and Judging

Transnational Law Summer Institute 21-30 June 2016 The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London For advanced doctoral students, early-career legal academics and experienced practitioners working in the wider areas of transnational law and global governance from across the world. Application Deadline: 1st February 2016 The Transnational Law Summer Institute (TLSI) 2016 is a unique […]